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About Us

Supporting Ecosystem success in Blockchain

Indian Blockchain Council (IBC) supports India and global Blockchain ecosystem with the insights, networks, policy advocacy, services, and facilities needed to succeed and adapt in the blockchain technology industry.

Blockchaining India beyond Cryptocurrency

Indian Blockchain Council focuses to educate the Indian ecosystem about the blockchain technology adaption and implementation onto the businesses. IBC aims to harness Blockchain technology to create more secure, equitable and functional economy.



IBC serves as an educational hub for businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, regulators and blockchain enthusiasts who are seeking to explore more about Blockchain technology and benefit from its potential – producing content and events that bring key insights on Blockchain technology to business audiences.


IBC has partnered with organizations from various sectors to advocate about the adoption of Blockchain technology and support the development of industry standards that enable more effective and efficient use of Blockchain technology across different regions, platforms and sectors.


IBC facilitates partnerships among various organizations and corporates with a main focus on building commercial, educational, and civic alliances that support the needs of our members.